6 Hints To Protect The Rubber Door Seal Of Your Front Load Washing Machine

Tip No. 1 – Rubber door seal issues on front load washers

The rubber door seal of your front load washer can become quite grubby looking. Black stains can appear and this makes folk feel that their machine is dirty. Why does this deterioration of the door seal happen and why do small leaks occur.

6 Hints To Save Your Rubber Door Seals:

  1. Cold water washing. Cold breeds mould and most stains are mould. Water temperature is important to understand. The chemicals in detergents of quality need temperature to be activated Enzymes is one. A temperature of 40 degrees for 15 minutes is required. Enzymes dissolve greases and body fats.
  2. Use of fabric softeners. This product can react with detergent and form a greasy jelly like deposit. One rule, don’t use fabric softener. If you’re hooked on the smell, your machine will suffer.
  3. Fats in makeup. Ladies make up that has passed on the fabrics can cause a grey stain on the door seal and transfer to the wash load too. Temperature washing usually deals with this successfully, but be aware.
  4. Use a 60 degree wash once a week for towelling. And even a 90-degree maintenance cycle with old rags twice a year for machine maintenance.
  5. Tears in the door seal. Even small nicks out of the rubber will cause a leak. When removing garments don’t drag them across the seal Zippers are notorious for causing ripped seals. Anyway, it’s a good idea to zip up all the zippers when loading the machine. Zippers can cause fabric damage to the load too.
  6. Release of black grease can occur on older models that have had a build-up of grease over time, especially with cold water washing. Care should be taken to wash old rags at high temperature before washing good clothes to avoid any possibility of the release of a greasy build up.

You Cant Always See The Rubber Door Seal

There is a model without a visible rubber door seal. Don’t be fooled by this because although the risk of tears is cured, the build-up of black grease and fats still occurs on the inside of the outer tank. Eventually black spots or streaks will appear on washer garments.

Rubber door seals will cost around $150 to replace, so in the best interest of the user, care for the door seal.

Note: These tips are based on vast experience over many years. Should any consequences occur as a result of following these tips no responsibility is accepted.