Installing a Top Load Washing Machine Yourself

Self Installing A Top Load Washing Machine

  • Unpack the washer near the installation point probably near the laundry
  • Place the hoses and any fittings out of the way
  • Nearly all top load washers have adjustable legs so identify how to turn the legs to make them longer or shorter.
  • A very few makes have self adjusting rear legs. If yours has these the installation is much easier
  • Identify slope on the laundry floor and choose the point where the floor is the highest. Set the machine leg that  is to contact the floor at this point, the shortest. That is screw it right in as far as you can.
  • Now work across the machine to set the opposite side leg to make the machine level across. This will almost always be across the back
  • Working to the same side now adjust the other leg
  • Finally the last leg should be adjusted to make the machine solid on the floor. Even the slightest movement will cause the machine to wobble, so trim the last leg to make a solid installation. Be sure to set any locking nuts if there are locking nuts
  • If your top load washer is top suspended, which means the bowl mechanism is suspended from the top via 4 rods and shockers it is better to have the machine sloping ever so slightly to the front, contrary to being actually level. This desensitises the unbalance mechanism and will prevent premature unbalance trips.

Notes Regarding the Hoses:

  • Now that the washer is set on the floor you can identify the water valve connection points at the rear
  • Select the cold fill hose from the packaging and connect it to the cold water valve inlet point. Screw firmly and connect the other end to the cold tap
  • Do the same with the hot fill hose connecting the ends to the appropriate hot connections
  • The drain hose must be installed correctly or the machine will not work
  • Place the drain outlet hose in the trough or into the outlet hole along side of the trough. The point here is don’t have this hose down too low or the water will run out as it is filling and never reach the fill trigger point.
  • Once the hoses are connected you can plug the machine into power and begin to decide which cycle to choose and what type of load is to be for your first wash

The above tips are meant to assist you with your appliance. Any tips undertaken are carried out at your own risk. No responsibility is taken by Prestige for any consequences resulting from anything you do as a result of reading these tips. We recommend you call us for professional help when needed.