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Overdosing Dishwashers

Overdosing your dishwasher is much easier with more modern machines because of the little amount of water per fill. Makers boast of the complete cycle using a little as thirteen litres of water. Overdosing can even occur with a measured amount of detergent, like a tablet. Soft rainwater can cause frothing.

Detergent makers do address the water qualities the world over. Detergent isn’t made just for local water qualities. So be aware of overdosing, albeit innocently. The use of powder gives the user the opportunity to regulate the amount of detergent, and quality products are concentrated with little fillers to cause froth.

What does too much froth do you may ask?

Froth introduces air into the solution, which can cause pressure-operated switches, designed to protect the appliance from overheating for instance, from causing damage. Too much froth can prevent this type of protective device from allowing the heater to work at all, so producing an inferior output. Further, froth can cause this type of switch to flutter, that is turn on and off rapidly as the solution density changes. This fluttering can send electrical spikes to the electronic or computer controller and render it faulty.

It is in the interest of the user to monitor the amount of froth when using the favoured detergent with local water quality. Soft water less detergent, average mains water causes less sensitivity.