Self Installing A Front Load Washing Machine

Installing a front load washer yourself

  • Unpack washer near the installation place to avoid damaging the machine moving it around
  • Place the hoses and other pieces out of the way
  • Nearly all front load washers have adjustable screw type legs hopefully with a locking nut.
  • Now examine the floor and identify the corner where the washer is going where the floor is the highest. Laundry floors usually have a slope for water drainage.
  • Set this leg of the washer right in. Turn this leg all the way in and if the machine has the facility lock this leg
  • Now work across the .machine (usually the back) and set the machine level by adjusting the opposing leg and lock it if possible
    NB you may have to move the machine in and out of the location a few times to achieve this. It might be a bit of a hassle but it’s worth it in the long run
  • Work forward ( or backward) from the last point and level the machine locking the legs if possible
  • The last leg should now be the opposite front (or rear ) leg and can be adjusted and set.
  • The washer should now feel solid on the floor. Not even the slightest movement is tolerable. If not ‘trim’ an appropriate leg to achieve a SOLID feel

The setting of the machine is now complete.

Notes About The Hoses

  • The drain hose is attached to the machine and must be placed correctly. If the drain hose is not placed correctly the machine will not work. All you have to do is ensure the drain hose is as high at least as the top of the machine. The waste water outlet hole provided in the trough is of course ideal. Not too high either. Not higher than the trough. The pump in the machine cannot lift the waste water very high. Do not have the drain hose lower than the top of the machine or all of the water may run out as the machine fills.
  • Inlet hoses. On the back of the  machine the water valve connections should be labelled hot and cold. Attach the inlet hoses to the valves as marked and the other end to the taps. Trace the hose to ensure they are the right way around

Now the machine is ready to use.

Before use you should read prestige tips on using your front load washer.

The above tips are meant to assist you with your appliance. Any tips undertaken are carried out at your own risk. No responsibility is taken by Prestige for any consequences resulting from anything you do as a result of reading these tips. We recommend you call us for professional help when needed.