Fridge Repair Services for the Greater Adelaide Area

There is nothing more frustrating than a refrigerator breaking down. When you need a fridge repair service, It always seem to happen at the worst possible time. Buying a new refrigerator isn’t always a good or affordable option.

Broken Refrigerators Are a Hassle

You buy a new fridge and expect it to last for a long time. You count on your fridge to be dependable, keeping your fresh food cold, safe to eat, and delicious. When your fridge breaks down, you only want an experienced technician. They diagnose the problem and usually fix it right the first time.

This Is Where We Come In

At Prestige Appliance Repair Centre, we take on any type of repair that your refrigerator needs. Our refrigeration repair specialists have training to work on many different brands. That’s why manufacturers trust our expertise and cover our work under their warranty. Most of all we only use genuine parts, because no-one wants cheap rip-offs on their appliances. So you can trust in the high quality of our work. Besides, we are Adelaide’s only authorised service agent for some well-known brands.

These brands  include:

  • Smeg
  • Omega
  • Blanco
  • Technika
  • Euromaid
  • Ariston
  • Everdure

High Quality Fridge Repair Work You Can Trust

Fill out our online job form for a time that is convenient. Or reach out to us by phone for a quick chat about your needs. One of our trained and accredited technician will turn up to assess your fridge. Usually they have the equipment available to fix on the spot. If not, they will provide an honest assessment of your refrigerator’s problem and tell you what to do next.

No problem is too big or small. Each case is carried out with the same amount of care. We answer any questions that you may have in easy-to-understand language. This lets you understand the problem and make the best decision regarding the repair. When our technicians arrive, they come stocked to complete the job. They carry a large variety of spare parts with them, so they can fix the most common problems. This will save them from making any extra trips to find the material they need, saving time and money all around. Your refrigerator is repaired on site, as fast as possible.

Our Friendly Technicians Understand Your Needs

We understand how troublesome a broken-down appliance can be. Therefore we know the frustration it can cause and how it can interfere with your daily life. Because we have been there, is why we have made it our mission is to get your fridge repairs finished quickly. Our friendly technicians have the experience to solve any problem expertly and efficiently. As a result, we are now Adelaide’s most trusted appliance repair service . You can always count on our quick, honest, and friendly service.

When it comes to appliance repair, nobody understands your needs better than we do. Contact us today by giving us a call or by filling out our online form. We give you friendly, honest service so that you can get rid of your refrigeration problems once and for all.

Fridge/Freezer Under Warranty?

If your fridge or freezer is still under warranty, repairs will need to be carried out by service agents who are authorised by the manufacturer. Not doing so may void your warranty.

Need Refrigerator Spare Parts?

We also have spare parts available for order. If  you are looking for thermostats, door seals or other hard to find parts please visit this page to make a spare part enquiry.

We Service Fridges and Freezers In:

If you live in or around the greater Adelaide area we’ve got you covered. We have specialist vans fully equipped with the most common repair parts servicing these areas daily.