Smelly clothes on clothesline

Why Do Some Garments Smell After Being Washed

Tip No. 2 – Are You Suffering From Smelly Shirts And Garments? So, I have washed my clothes, dried, folded them and put them away. Sometime later I have taken, say a polo shirt out of the drawer or wardrobe and worn it. Not long after, and during my normal movements I have detected a…

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6 Hints To Protect The Rubber Door Seal Of Your Front Load Washing Machine

Tip No. 1 – Rubber door seal issues on front load washers The rubber door seal of your front load washer can become quite grubby looking. Black stains can appear and this makes folk feel that their machine is dirty. Why does this deterioration of the door seal happen and why do small leaks occur.…

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Process of a front load washing machine

The 4 Main Components of Front Load Washing Machines

Front Load Washing Machines: The Washing Process The washing result of front-load washing machines all depends on four main components. The water remains constant. The four main components. Mechanics Chemicals Heat Time These all play a role. One part of the process cannot be changed without affecting the other three. The amount of detergent can…

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Top loader vs front loader washing machine

Washing Machine Styles Compared

Top Loader & Front Loader style Washing machines Compared – Which comes out on top? While it is true that top load washing machines have been selling in greater numbers. Over the last ten years, front loader washers have been winning the economy argument. If you need help deciding which model you’d like to purchase…

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