Power Meter

The Tumble Dryer Trick

When using a tumble dryer, you can bet the power bill will go up. Even with a heat pump model that only draws 2.5 amps. The latest in dryer technology. Placing a tea towel or hand towel that is dry in with the damp spun dry load will help absorb the moisture and speed up…

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Washing machine repair

Fading Laundry Appliance Instruction Panel

Has the decal panel of one of your machines lost some text? The decal panel on your laundry appliances has instructions about what cycles to use and buttons to press to change cycles as needed. Some decal panels have lost some of the text, which causes confusion when setting the cycles. If there is no…

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clothes hung up to dry

Where does all the lint come from in my dryer filter?

Tip No. 7 – Lint in Dryers Broken Threads Some of the lint in the dryer filter comes from tiny broken threads.You can reduce the creation of broken threads by only partially drying your clothing in the dryer. Drying Clothes with Minimum Use of Dryer: Remove the clothes after washing. Shake them out before tossing…

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Stain Release Sprays Can Harm Outer Surfaces

Tip No. 6 – Stain Release Sprays We all seem to be left with some greasy spots on our polo shirts or tops from time to time. Sard products or Preen are known releasing agents made to deal with these stubborn stains. The problem with these sprays is they can also remove some the letters…

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