man with damaged washing

Finding Damaged Garments in Your Washing Machine?

If you find some damaged garments coming from your washer don’t blame the machine. Firstly, identify if you have washed clothing with zippers. If you leave the zippers unzipped, you may cause the damage. The zippers can snag the garments during the washing process. Remember, a large part of the washing process is friction between the…

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open washing machine

Do I need to leave My Washing Machine Door open to let it air?

The short answer is NO. Firstly use proper detergent. The detergent is like a tradies toolbox. It contains the right tools or chemicals to do the job. That is if it is not a detergent void of the chemicals required. Some detergents err on the side of too little content. I don’t like to get…

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Power Meter

The Tumble Dryer Trick

When using a tumble dryer, you can bet the power bill will go up. Even with a heat pump model that only draws 2.5 amps. The latest in dryer technology. Placing a tea towel or hand towel that is dry in with the damp spun dry load will help absorb the moisture and speed up…

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Washing machine repair

Fading Laundry Appliance Instruction Panel

Has the decal panel of one of your machines lost some text? The decal panel on your laundry appliances has instructions about what cycles to use and buttons to press to change cycles as needed. Some decal panels have lost some of the text, which causes confusion when setting the cycles. If there is no…

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