dishwasher overdosing

Overdosing Dishwashers

Overdosing your dishwasher is much easier with more modern machines because of the little amount of water per fill. Makers boast of the complete cycle using a little as thirteen litres of water. Overdosing can even occur with a measured amount of detergent, like a tablet. Soft rainwater can cause frothing. Detergent makers do address…

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Should dirty dishes be rinsed first

Do I need to wash the dishes before loading the Dishwasher

With all of the grease and fat left on our plates after a meal can we expect the dishwasher to take it all away with just a little water per fill. An average of 13 litres is used for the whole cleaning cycle in most modern dishwashers. Realistically, we need to clean off most of…

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Why does Suds Lock Happen

Two Reasons For Washing Machines Getting Suds Lock

Tip No. 3 – Why washing machines block up with Soap Suds? The first and most common reason for suds lock is overdosing. Suds lock is the linking of the outer water jacket and the spin bowl with frothy detergent. It makes the spin bowl hard to turn so placing a greater load on the…

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Smelly clothes on clothesline

Why Do Some Garments Smell After Being Washed

Tip No. 2 – Are You Suffering From Smelly Shirts And Garments? So, I have washed my clothes, dried, folded them and put them away. Sometime later I have taken, say a polo shirt out of the drawer or wardrobe and worn it. Not long after, and during my normal movements I have detected a…

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