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Do I need to leave My Washing Machine Door open to let it air?

The short answer is NO.

Firstly use proper detergent. The detergent is like a tradies toolbox. It contains the right tools or chemicals to do the job. That is if it is not a detergent void of the chemicals required. Some detergents err on the side of too little content. I don’t like to get into  brand names but OMO is my choice.

If you allow the machine to operate at the correct temperatures for the garments and if you wash your towels at 60 degrees weekly you are on the right track to maintain nice smelling machine.

Washing some old rags that aren’t too dirty at 90 degrees with your good detergent occasionally will ensure a clean machine.

A build up of body fat from our skin that gets on our clothing needs to be washed away. Enzyme action from detergents (that contain enzymes) and washing at 40 degrees or more ensures these nasty smells don’t get a chance. The 60-degree towelling weekly wash puts the cream on the cake.

That doesn’t mean that a lower temperature for the protection of finer garments isn’t allowed. Of course we need to respect the washing labels, however most of the loads can be 40-degree loads.

Remember cold breeds mould. Never wash with cold water. Use the control panel on your machine to alter the temperature.