Hoover Washer & Dryer Repairs

Adelaide’s Hoover Washer & Dryer Repair Agent

We are proudly South Australia’s leading Authorised Service agent for Hoover. As an Authorised Service Agent our technicians receive regular manufacture training to ensure we are up to date with current models and the latest technology used in Hoover Washers & Dryers. As an authorized service agent, we have access to all technical information and resources required to professionally service your Hoover appliances.

To arrange your maintenance service please call us on 08 8352 2022, or submit a request form via the link above.

Why Use Prestige For Your Repairs

Our technicians have experience with all Hoover Washers & Dryers. We have serviced appliances throughout greater Adelaide areas for over 25 years.

Booking a repair time with Prestige is hassle-free.

Our support staff work to arrange an in-house visit that is most suited to your availability.

Only genuine parts are used for all repairs.

Prestige only uses use genuine spare parts supplied direct from the manufacturer to carry out repairs.

  Technicians receive ongoing training from Hoover.

This is to bring them in line with the latest technology used in Hoover Washer & Dryer.

Hoover manuals and diagrams.

On the job, access to Hoover manuals and diagrams. Helping with the correct diagnosis of Hoover Washer & Dryer problems.

Need to Request a Warranty repair

If you have a Hoover Washer or Dryer that is still under warranty,
you will need to contact Hoover directly to
organize a warranty call-out.

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