Hints for Successful use of a Dishwasher

Loading your dishwasher

New dishwashers are more water conservative than ever. Some boast that they can wash dishes for twelve people in only fifteen litres of water, or a bit less……and they do, but the user has to help. Consider enough dishes for twelve people with three courses. Fifteen litres is only a plastic bucket and a bit. If you tried to do this in the kitchen sink there would be pea soup.

The user needs to consider the practicalities when loading the machine. Scrape the plates of solid food for sure. Give them a quick rinse under the tap too if you can. This quick rinse will add a slight amount of water to the equation , but it will take off the cost of premature service and maintenance.

Do not place pots and pans in the machine if possible. A dishwasher is not really a pot scrubber or a garbage disposer as some early makers once described.    No machine ever did scrub pots effectively .

The bottom spray arm has a more vigorous action so the bottom rack is the place for dishes with the toughest dirt. The bottom basket will be filled with plates, soup dishes etc; allow a small gap between the items for circulation to occur.

The top basket is intended to take small to medium items such as glasses, coffee cups shallow bowls and light heat resistant plastic dishwasher safe objects

Some of the better machines now use a heater ‘in line’ which heats the water more effectively and reduces the cycle time.  one hour full cycle on cold fill compared to most with ninety minutes. …

Dishwasher Tablets…..

Dishwasher tablets are a modern and convenient item. They have a wash component, i.e. detergent, and a rinse aid component. Dishwashers can vary in cycle times and temperatures so the solvency rate of the tablets will not be the same in all machines. The wash quality can be affected by this. This is an opinion only but we think it is better to use detergent powder of good quality in the dispenser door and separate rinse aid liquid in the dispenser provided. Then the products can be released into the cycle at the right time. Just the right time that has been allowed for in the design of the machine. Your dishwasher will perform properly if you operate it in this manner. If the dispenser door opens when the cycle has progressed to the correct point the detergent will be released at this right time. Likewise the rinse aid will be released by the cycle timer at the point when it is necessary. There won’t be any dependency on the solvency rate of a tablet.