Using Your Top Load Washer

Using your top load washing machine

  • It is better to have similarly weighted articles in each load to minimise unbalances. Common sense prevails here and you will soon work out the loading from experience.
  • Top load washers generally water immerse the clothes so don’t have the water level set too low for the load size.
  • Ensure that the clothes can float and the load is not  packed tightly.
  • This also ensures the motor and drive mechanism are not overloaded or put under too much strain.
  •  As with front load washers it is better to use a low suds soap in a top load washer too. This prevents suds locking the bowls and blocking the water evacuation holes in the spin bowl. The water can evacuate much easier if there is no restriction with froth caused by too much soap.
  • Check that there are not any foreign objects in your pockets that can get jammed in the machine.
  • Load you washer loosely and choose a low suds soap, select the water level and most likely you will choose a regular wash cycle.
  • When adding the soap, place the soap on top of the second to last garment then place the last garment on top.
  • This allows the water to soak into the top garment and  onto the soap which dissolves the soap more evenly
  • Select you preferred temperature
  • Now you are ready to start the wash…
  • Some fabric softeners can cause a reaction with the soap and form a greasy jelly which builds up in the machine with time. It can cause greasy marks on your clothes too. If you are aware of this you can observe and so choose whether you use a softener.

It is wise not to leave your appliance running when you are not in attendance. Although automatic appliances are designed for our convenience faults can occur and things can go wrong. Should this happen, if someone is around to intervene then a nasty  experience might be avoided. Consider this when using you appliances

The above tips are meant to assist you with your appliance. Any tips undertaken are carried out at your own risk. No responsibility is taken by Prestige for any consequences resulting from anything you do as a result of reading these tips. We recommend you call us for professional help when needed.