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Where does all the lint come from in my dryer filter?

Tip No. 7 – Lint in Dryers

Broken Threads

Some of the lint in the dryer filter comes from tiny broken threads.You can reduce the creation of broken threads by only partially drying your clothing in the dryer.

Drying Clothes with Minimum Use of Dryer:

  1. Remove the clothes after washing.
  2. Shake them out before tossing them into the dryer.
  3. Only dry just until the wrinkles from washing disappear.
  4. Finally, hang them up to finish drying.

You still won’t have to iron too much (although I encourage ironing, which is another topic entirely). The clothing will produce less lint, and as a nice little bonus, they will also last longer.

Extend Your Garments Lifespan

It’s a nuisance to follow this procedure because we can’t always be there to watch the load dry. So, doing it whenever possible will add to your garments lifespan.

The tiny fibres that help to make up lint come from our garments and must therefore add to the deterioration of the items. However, collectively it takes a long time to wear out these garments by drying. It is true to say that tumbling of clothes or materials does shorten their lifespan. As proof of this, dry a coloured towel, say a red one, and you will discover that the lint is red.

Overdosing of Detergent

Another reason for a build up of lint in the dryer filter is overdosing of detergent in the washer. Dried soap in the garments collects in the dryer filter as lint. If you are experiencing lint ‘big time’, examine your detergent use too. Overdosing does cause issues like suds lock of the drum and poor wash quality. These topics are dealt with in other tips.

A soft brush is a nice aid to use for cleaning or washing the dryer filter. Washing the filter is a better way to ensure that the tiny holes in the filter are open.